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Whether establishing a residential lawn, feeding birds & animals, installing sports turf, animal forage or erosion control, JRK Co. has the seed and product you need. View all JRK Co. brands below.

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Large Lawn
Garden Hose Sprinkler

JRK Seed has roots that go back many years in the turf establishment and growing industry. The reliable seed content in JRK grass seed blends and mixes have been formulated with the deepest understanding of successfully sowing grass seed to create a dense, established, lush yard and turf. JRK Seed uses top quality seed with tested and validated high germination rates to ensure peak performance for professional sod growers, landscape and lawn maintenance companies, property management firms and residential homeowners. 

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Croixdale Farms product lines include Horse, Poultry, Bird, and Wildlife feeds. All of our products are milled locally in Delano, MN and the ingredients are sourced from local resources to ensure the highest quality feed. Our blends are developed to provide a high level of nutrition, optimized taste and need-specific variety for as many animals as possible.

Feeding the Chickens
Man Mowing Lawn
Man Mowing Lawn

JRK Brand encompasses a wide range of lawn care products. From fertilizer, lawn blankets, to sod staples & ice melt, JRK brand has all lawn care products you need to carry you through all seasons, weather and bumps along the way. JRK Brand is continually adding new products to it's arsenal, so availability might be limited in different locations. 

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Meadow Ridge Farms seed blends are made with top quality ingredients from wild animal feed recipes that have been handed down through the generations…being tweaked by our formulators to provide a nutritional, flavorful and attractive assortment of feeds that will draw the widest array of wild birds and other wildlife. 

Meadow Ridge Farms seed blends are made with the freshest, locally blended seed and bagged daily in Delano, Minnesota using the highest quality ingredients.

Barley Grains
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