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About JRK Co.

JRK Co. is focused on bringing the highest quality grain, seed, feed and landscaping materials to our customers and their livestock, landscapes and households. We are committed to sourcing ingredients from local farmers and growers that we trust, mixing and measuring all of our product ratios ourselves at our mill in Delano, MN and our blending plant in Eagan, MN to create the best possible products. Our passion is what drives us to continue to improve the variety, nutrient density, affordability and accessibility of our range of products. 

Our JRK Co. brands include JRK Seed, Meadow Ridge Farms, JRK Brand, and Croixdale Farms, spanning the fields of lawn care, landscaping maintenance, wild animal feed, livestock and show-horse feeds. Whether establishing a residential lawn, feeding birds & animals, installing sports turf, animal forage or erosion control, JRK Co. has the seed and product you need.

Our Mission

Our Mill


Mike Persons (Nickname Spike), purchased the mill in 1997, producing custom horse feed and bird feed mixes. In 2006 he brought in one of the owners from Gertens, Gino Pitera to help grow the company JRK Seed. They opened up the store in Delano, MN in 2010.

FUN FACT: "JRK" stands for John Rogers Kent, who was the original founder of JRK. Gino Pitera, Co-Owner of GFOB, recalls, "When we bought JRK Seed and re-designed the bag, we wanted to add a bit of history to the brand. We added 'Gro-Formula 1622' in memory of Isidore the Farmer of Madrid, Spain (c.1070 - 1130) who was canonized in the year 1622 as the patron saint of farming. Our nod to this revered farmer in history is a subtle reminder of the virtue of ordinary life and the dignity of hard work."

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The JRK Co. Team

Meet the JRK Co. team that makes sure all blends and products are created and delivered to you exactly how you order them. Our team works to make sure that all products are fresh and precise to your specific order.


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