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Below is a selection of the many JRK Brand products that we produce. Please contact us for the most up-to-date availability on our products. 

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JRK 4 Step:

JRK 4-Step Lawn Fertilizer Program is a year round 4 bag application turf treatment designed to keep your lawn thick and green all season long.  Each step's application is fortified with the exclusive NUTROMATIC* ingredients.  

If your fertilizer doesn't have JRK on the label, you won't have NUTROMATIC in the bag!


Step 1- Apply early April through May (22-0-6) JRK Crabgrass Preventer and Lawn Fertilizer. With trademarked Nutromatic ingredients,is  the best crabgrass control out there. Made with a herbicide plus fertilizer combination, it offers a slow feeding that keeps your lawn consistently thick, lush and green. With slow release nitrogren and iron you receive the extended feeding along with iron for deep greening. (Contains Dithiopyr herbicide your highly effective herbicide for crabgrass control).

Step 2- Apply late May through early June (22-0-4) Weed and Feed. Powered by Viper, JRK Weed and Feed keeps lawns healthy while killing a wide range of over 200  broadleaf weeds including Dandelions, Clover, Creeping Charlie, Plantain, Spurge, Thistle and so much more!

Step 3- Apply mid August (24-0-4) JRK  Turf Special.'s purpose is to help lawns recover after the heat of the summer. Apply in the summer to kick grass up a notch and keep it going through the fall. The extra iron and sulfur really greens up what the sun tried to brown out in June and July.

Step 4- Apply late September through early October (20-0-12) JRK  Winterizer. This is the most important step (and often most ignored) in making sure your lawn stays perfect all season long. If you want to be that house on the block that everyone envies come spring, your need to apply JRK Winterizer the previous fall. The extra Potash promotes winter hardiness that helps grass pop-up healthy as can be when the snow melts and  activates while thickening grass in the spring.

*The premium NUTROMATIC ingredient mixture is a trademark product containing humic and folic acids.  The mixture works to improve turf and soil quality while increasing water retentions.

Selection of our products:

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